Don’t you hate being pulled in two different directions?
Don’t you hate juggling two decisions?
Good or bad?
Easy or hard?
Happiness or despair?
Oh, yes, these are some of many decisions in life
But of this list the latter concerns yours truly.
A duel of emotion versus intellect
Between the head and the heart.
How hard a head can one have
When it constantly gets beaten by the heart?
How strong is one’s heart
To constantly overpower one’s logic?
Day in and day out
Sunrise ‘til sunset
East to West
The heart grows stronger still
Performing coup d’état after coup d’état
upon the powers of logic and reasoning.
Why is it so hard
To follow the obvious truth?
Why is emotion – the heart – so strong?
I suppose it keeps one connected to this world
And keeps one’s life interesting
But would an enlightened man lead a boring, lonely life?
Or would he be truly detached from the world?
Is it even possible?
Not without sacrifice
An offering too large for one with such a strong heart.
But I’ve reached my melting point
Signed, Sealed, Delivered:
Lord Dark Chocolate

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