Do it tomorrow, forget about today
Keep pushing and pushing and pushing it away
Keep ignoring the issue
Watch as the water ripples
Lazy, lazy, what are you? A cripple?
No, you’re very able, so why don’t you do work?
You sit and you watch everybody else slave
And tire and stress themselves over a job
But you just sit and read Boondocks and Calvin & Hobbes?
Nah, that ain’t the way the world’s supposed to move
Look at ya room:
Noah’s Ark of dirty clothes stacked in twos
Papers all over the place, on your bed and stools
And you wonder why you never get anything done?
You need to get up
And wake up
Smell the coffee
Life passes you by if you don’t even try
To make an effort to move along with it
You’ll just be stuck forever in this minute
Your dreams move on without you
You’re stuck in the now
Your ambitions grow stronger
You’re stuck in the now
Your ideas take root
But you’re stuck in the now
And the world moves on
While you’re stuck in the now
Or rather
Stuck in the moment
That once was
But has since become a present
full of dung and bugs
Old, stale, and smelly
Dirty, disgusting
Nothing is left
For everything you wanted to do
Has passed you by
This is the Price of Sloth

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