It has been said that this world has two types of people
Those who live for virtue and those who live for evil
The virtuous fight for the good and the light
While the evil fight for the sin and the vice
In the midst of all this, there is still a silent boss
Sitting on the sidelines weighing each and every cost
Figuring out how to balance every win and loss
Hoping these ignorant imbeciles daren’t tick him off
For he is above all of their stupid mistakes
And he laughs at every wrong thing they do to their face
And he points out every single flaw, their disgrace
Saying, “You don’t really think I thought you had what it takes?”
He ridiculed them, day in and day out
But he never learned how to shut his own mouth
And this – one day – may be his undoing
This is the story of how Pride bred Ruin
It started when he was high, standing above the rest
He was most special, among them he was the best
Morning Star, head high, outstretched chest
But he wanted to fight the Father, put Him to the test
He wanted to shine forever, thought he was rather clever
So he gathered all the angels he could muster together
He wanted his own throne, bigger than the Father’s
Pure lust for power, first steps to blackened feathers
He lead a “revolution”, an insurrection
And thus he started preying on the imperfections
Of the angels all around him, he sensed connections
And used them to gather troops for his failed ascension
He marched onward to victory, until he failed miserably
He and his sin-stained brethren went down in history
As the Fallen, the embodiments of villainy
Black feathered wings tell their stories of deficiency
And Pride holds six wings, six songs that he sings
Pondering what could have been must truly sting
As he looks upon the Ruin he created from his dreams
He laughs at the flames that embrace him as king
He shall burn and mourn forever his losses
Never learning his lesson
Seeing his excessive pride as strength
Rather than imperfection
But upon the Judgment Day
When it comes time to pay
Retribution shall be made
Pride and Ruin share the grave

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