I know I haven’t written in a while
But no fear y’all, I’ve returned to make you smile
It’s been a busy time for a minute
But I’m back to business
So let me lay it down like tile
Flow like the Nile
Nasty like bile
Rhymes hit cloud nine and go on for miles
I tower over all of the minions
Despicable me, trying to conquer this demented dominion
My vision of fishing in the ocean on Christmas
Eclipsed by seeds of doubt and love on my wish list
I swear it’s ridiculous, but tell me if you’ve never
Seen somebody that you love and not wish that they were yours?
You ever give up on it and not admit that you were wrong
Wake up some time later wishing you’d stayed the course?
But forget that
F that
Don’t stress that
Opportunity comes once in a while
Next time learn to press that
But ease into it
Never lose your swag
And please don’t forget:
Stay “in your bag”
That means be yourself for those who ain’t hip
I switch back and forth on my Jekyll and Hyde tip
But one thing that I’ve learned after all of the ish
Is that the power of the pen is my ultimate gift

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