They really wanna know what the fuck is crackin with Baz
My mind is goin in circles like that devil Taz
Walking on the clouds looking up at the ground
With this bird’s eye view, please tell me what I’ve found?
Masks that motherfuckers wearing upon their faces
Clouding their judgments whenever they catch cases
Bitches be the worst, though, niggas come in second
I’m really ‘bout to spaz, pen and pad become my weapon
The verses are the glocks and the bars the ammunition
I cock back and aim, spit the fire, stop the bitchin
I swear, I thought I had this shit figured out like a year ago
Two almost down, and still two years to go
Love lost, lust found, why can’t I be satisfied?
Just because this pact can never truly be ratified?
Fucking up the same things again and again
Breathe in, breathe out, every breath is a friend
The air, exhaled, is the pool of the departed
Feelin’ like P!nk, let’s get the party started
Reaching out to find myself, I’m riding solo
But you only live once, that’s the motto, nigga: YOLO

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