If I could rule the world
Everyone would understand each other
No more kids disrespecting their fathers and mothers
No more killing to avenge fallen brothers
Or cold-blooded murders over lovers

In fact, love would be the ruling factor
Compassion would be instrumental to every action
No more running over the weak like a tractor
Or rubbing your money in others’ faces over fashion

War would be an outdated resolution
Intelligent conversation, debating,
Enlightened revolution
Mutual understanding in 1080p resolution
World Peace – no Metta, but it’s evolution

What’s your solution?
If it were up to another would we all be
baboons left salutin’ to the next iteration
of Mr. Vladimir Putin backed by a stronger
Soviet Union?
All of that’s pollution

A dirty mind does a lot of wrong
And dirty hearts sing a lot of song
But does this mean that my genre, my whole
domain is the opposite of strong?
What have we got going on?

If I could rule the world
I would raise DJ and Coop
Bump tracks with one and give the other the scoop
Build a strong team, squad deep, keep the troops
They feel the heat whenever we’re in the room, because we’re
Burning the roof
And keeping feet dancing like a show troupe
The flames turn into frozen tongues of pain
But do I call Adele to come and “Set Fire to the Rain”?

If I could rule the world
None of this would be a question of “if”
But only a matter of “when”
Like when I put my mind to it
I can end the violence, hunger, misogyny, disease and…

It was all a dream
Turn the news on and I see the same scenes
But every finger seems to be pointed at me
Even if I ruled the world, could I really set it free?

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