(A quick poem, off the top of the head, stream of consciousness)

It’s been a while since I’ve put the pen to the pad
Been a while since I’ve done something other than school or rap

Or a lot of other things that have been upon the brain
A lot of ish has occurred, nearly drove me insane

But I took it on the chin
Swinging back at the world
Aiming for the win
Trying not to sin

Trying to come to terms with this new life, this new age
No longer a teen, so I’m going through a new phase

New page, new chapter, a new story
But what will be the result?
Honor, riches and glory?
Some of that really bores me

I’m not much of braggart
But my tongue’s sharper than a dagger
If you’re out of line with your so-called swagger

I’m the dusk and the dawn
The night and the morning
The summer sunshine and the hurricane storming
Flowing like water, I will not falter
So now I leave my faith, hope and love upon the altar

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