[Optimus Thug]
Walking the same steps; Deja vu
Take the same path but use new moves
New clues, before unseen
Got me in between the seams
Of my wildest dreams.
Kissing elbows, thinking the impossible
The first time in a long time that we said hello
Digs up old feelings like fossils
My heart beat – colossal, stretching my chest
I need a respirator and a Teflon vest
Four chambers, now about to burst
We were the best of the worst
Beloved and cursed, thriving in the hearse
That unholy love, keep it out the church
Wild and conniving ,
Sneaking in late with the after hours lying
But not defying odds
Buying Ipods don’t heal a shattered mind
Cause we can’t pause, fast forward
Or better yet, rewind.
But yet here we stand, quicksand
Lost in the second.
For one previous failure
Doesn’t make the future reckoned.
And yet it always seems I’m only moving in One Direction
Life is a long story without room for corrections
But lots of room for improvement, check the reflection
It’s time for me to break through this cycle of rejection
Redemption, girl I’ll be your armor, your protection
And if I’m not around I’m your protective projection
Guarding the secrets of your mind like Inception
Sending you all of my love like convection
Pouring out a heart that’s barely 7,000 days
Forget a hundred, I’ll love you 7,000 ways
Something new and spectacular every page
Every chapter is exciting, every novel all the rage
Every word, I write on this canvas for you
Every night, I think of only two: God and you
Light the spark to set my soul on fire, boo
Ever inspired by the things that you do
[Optimus Thug]
Still lost in the second, stuck in the present
A familiar presence,
Or unfinished business
I think that I’d rather return than revisit
Your curves so exquisite
Makes me think that
Some things are hidden rather than diminished
Some things get interrupted, to later be finished
The reason I think this:
Because you know that I know that we know
That this ain’t over
I’ll be your roller if you’ll be my coaster
I’ll be your drug if you’ll be my sober
Scratch that, we could get a drink if you like
But only if we do it again tomorrow night
Call my phone I’ll answer,
‘Cause love means second chances.
Chances mean redemption
And our love story gotta have a happy ending.
Happily ever after, a match made in heaven
Meet me at the altar, baby, I’ll supply the reverend
You’re the bow to my arrow and you’ve let me fly
You’re the air to my balloon, girl, you get me high
The Black Widow to my Hawkeye
The Olive Oyl to my Popeye
The Princess Leia to my Han Solo
And even the Dorothy to my Todo
Baby keeps it funky fresh like go-go
I’m guessing this is what Drizzy meant when he said YOLO
Since love and life take you for rides – Polo
My love for you just keeps flowing – arroyo
And even if my repetition makes it all redundant
I want you to understand that my love is abundant
Signed, sealed, delivered, my heart is yours
It’s a stereo, listen as its playing the chords
[Munchkin King]
Fire in your heart like passion in your eyes
It’s true what they say about love being blind
Disgraceful transgressions forgotten in a flash
Love is a rose and redemption is a knight
But roses have thorns, the knight wields a knife
Six inches of steel piercing the heart
Workin on a bag like Chris Brown works on women
But time heals all wounds and all is forgiven
Teein off in clubs from the windows to the walls
Pettin all the kitties like Tiger Woods
The knife slips deeper, and the pain hits home
Redemption breaks hearts as much as love blinds eyes
Love is a blindfold but redemption is the rack

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