I love her, but I can’t let her know
Have to stay silent, my heart stone cold
Keep the Tin Man approach on this yellow brick road
But no ruby slippers for my woes
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
My heart is heavy
Claiming the weight of a thousand worlds
I journey further and further along
Together with my motley crew
And we all find peace through song
Birds chirp and leaves rustle
As we count the steps through this awkward jungle
A mistaken temple of idol worship
The Scarecrow tries to find his mind
Plagued by his unholy past, yet clings to his old ways
The Lion, afraid of his own shadow
Longs for the courage to complete the journey
But as he nears the prize his fear triples
He asks the Tin Man to rid him of his heart
As I turn to comfort their troubles, I find I am walking alone
I realized the purpose of the journey
For who’s heart was cast out
Who’s mind scattered
Who’s courage lost
But my own?

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