[Optimus Thug]
Never fear the moment
Cause fear of the moment is the biggest opponent
Step up, it’s your time
Put your name by the X over the little dotted line
My preset disposition dispatches the competition
Smashes the opposition,
Passin’ by my limits, attackin’ backwards Christians –
Like my mission is consisting of religious dismissing
It’s a contest of pissin’, your bitch is the urinal
She licking her fingers like she just ate some Kernel
That burn is eternal, you’re in hell with a thermal
Don’t ever compare me to another lyricist
I never saw a style and then tried to mirror it
Now you probably wondering where this ties in
If I’m crazier than Leonardo on shutter island
Method to madness, makes sense on my end
Stop covering your mind with all of those shields
Break it out of its prison like michael schofield
If you don’t become better than those of the past
You’ll always be second,
Which is just another way to say first to be last
I hold the power in my hands like a bottle
Put my pedal to the metal, know I stay full throttle
Live fast, die hard, motherfuckers know the motto
Got beef like tacos, leave you wetter than a grotto
Rocket power like Otto, jackpot like the lotto
Your lady’s lookin’ real nice, fill her like a pothole
Matter of fact, she never get addressed like a plothole
But she praying for the dude, she know how to use her “bop-hole”
Emeril Lagasse mixed with Haile Selassie
Got soul like Shirley Bassey, doing my thing like Diddy and Cassie
You got a problem, got a question, just ask me
I’m ansatsu: a lyrical assassin
Not Christ, but know I still rhyme with a passion
Hold out on hungry men, bars are rations
Hotter than a pot or a kettle
Call me the Bazmanian devil
First line is alway hard for me
Cuz i always stop the beat like hearts with fat filled arteries
But once i get in my zone its hard to get back
Like a car that got jacked
And chopped for some stacks
From chilly in philly to ballin in nawlins
Raps a bitch who cant leave me alone
Cuz destiny keeps callin my phone
Get it?
If u aint oh well
Oh hell it was like it was rite in the line
If u aint get it this time ur way behind
See podina got a creative mind
U should be catching on to him
If not let u ketchup like a condomin
Dog ill show u how ur pimpin gotta be
Smooth like marlboros or like robbery
Watch me pick up a shawty
Wit a hot body
And do things to her bum that urs would think naughty
Like how my flow go dumb
Ive been doing this since i was so young
Mind filled wit obscenities and insanities
Wat up to my squad and cliques i consider family
Like talib ive only just begun
But think ill take a break for now sooooo
My niggas im done
[Meaty Chill]
Corrosion to your arms dealer,
Emotion focused in on a charm
If Peter piper was a writer would he do us any harm either
Ether shows a plethora of limitless warm animal farm greeters
Y’all niggas got no hands but you still want a palm reader
Dark circles under your eyes despise me,
It’s funny how it works since I’m so enlightening,
nigga you ain’t gonna spite me, all you can really do is bite of me,
since my heads in the clouds it’s my job to bring the lightning
Imminent dismemberment, curb stomp to finish it,
Not lookin so hot dawg so you damn well ain’t gonna relish shit,
I’ve been the shit, I can give you some bars since I’m not selfish bitch,
come on and check this shit
I’m from where children turn into savages,
Soldiers with no badges, hurled into disadvantages
But still manage to make do,
Ration out the passion just so the future can come through,
So stagnant but make work that make em stay true

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