April 24th is always a difficult day
No matter where I go
Who I see
What I do
I lose my cheery disposition
And my thoughts dwell on you

I begin to contemplate
Where you would have been
Were you still with us
Would you have finally gotten that car you wanted?
Married the love of your life?
Teaching your son how to live in this crazy world?

Would you be back in Maryland
Or still in Pennsylvania?
Or would you be living elsewhere?
Would you be playing lacrosse again?
Pickup games of basketball and soccer?
Mentoring your brothers
As they grew into the young men they are today?

It’s crazy how you passed on Mama’s birthday
And now she lays close to you
As you both rest in perfect peace
Grandpa passed, too
Were you there with them, welcoming them home?

I’ve spent five years wondering what happened and why
Only to remember that He works in mysterious ways
It may have been your time to go
But when does He decide? And why so brutally?
I guess we’re not meant to understand
Only to accept and obey

I know justice doesn’t always come the way we would like
Nor when we want it to
But I do know
That no matter what
It always comes around

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