You gotta be tired, the process, systematic

Sheltered, ignorant and meek –

Peeps need to kick the sheep

Like Fifa or a bad habit.

While the powers that be

Still label the others as savage,

There’s no relief for a media addict.


Yeah, you’re an addict.

I’m an addict too.

After all, this is on the book

So, yes, I’ve seen the madness too

But if you’re a savage,

You know that I’m a savage too.


Now, I know this is a sensitive concept

So let me try to explain:

The motherland remains neglected in times of struggle and pain

While dumb oil-hungry motherfuckers go hunt Saddam Hussein

Or how when Ebola struck

All the concern was on the US of A?

Speaking of, Mr. Officer, when did shooting blacks become okay?


So when I use the word savage,

It is because this place still treats you like one.

Not all the time,

Not from everyone.

But slavery, oppression – it still exists.


However, the eye that rarely gazes towards them,

Cannot help but see –


The others in themselves.

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