Harsh shrieks and screams fall on deaf ears
Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters shed tears
Every drop of blood confirmin’ their worst fears
Mom and Pop been tellin’ ‘em all this for years

Payin’ taxes to their own killers – cash grab
Some feel the courts and cops get the last laugh
Check in at the morgue, their child in a trash bag
And what used to be graffiti is now just a #hashtag

Trending topic, not in the background like Reaganomics
Still affecting the boys and girls learning “Ebonics”
Mom and Pop blowin chronic having grown up in the projects
And the sounds of gunshots harmonize like Pentatonix

Mr. President, please tell me what is happening?
People gathering, glass shattering, blood spattering
Look at their reflection to figure out if they matter
As the soul of Dr. King inhabits the Mad Hatter

#TrayvonMartin, #EricGarner, #MichaelBrown, #FreddieGray
#WalterScott, #SandraBland, #AltonSterling, #KendraJames
#NatashaMcKenna, #TamirRice, #BrianDay
#ChandraWeaver, #BettieJones, there are far too many names

No more lives turned to trends
As this digital graffiti marks current events
No more city morgue trips
Where bodies in rigor mortis are bathed in drip, drip

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