They tell me it isn’t healthy
To compartmentalize your feelings
That when you internalize, you tell yourself lies of omission
Denying the totality of your reality

Like being 25 with an inferiority complex
Feeling like you don’t deserve love
Because you failed those you loved before
And failed to open up to those after

You tell yourself it’s just a chapter
That it doesn’t define your story
Until you’re ushering your confessions
As your friends play pastor

Consumed by fear
You cage your emotions
Cautiously testing the waters
Praying you don’t drown in the process

Praying that you don’t drag someone else down
Making them drown with you
Both struggling for air
As single grains fall in the hourglass

You can’t tell if you’re in the Sunken Place
Or if you’re instinctively overcorrecting
Either way, the result is the same:
You still carry that weight

How do you escape your own prison?
Do you even have the key?
Or will you remain shackled
Simply wishing you were free?

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