In these awkward times of isolation
I constantly find myself seeking conversation
See, I’m a pensive introvert, so there’s some contemplation
Over my past tendencies of seeking validation

Through the eyes of a parent, or a lover, or a friend
Ignoring my own desires and defaulting to “pretend”
But to what extent does a man need repent
If he over-analyzes his mistakes ’til the end?

When does self-determinism take over
Instead of going through the motions like worshipping Jehovah?
It’s like all of these emotions send your heart into supernova
And you wonder if you were drunk in love or just stupid sober?

Whatever the case, it’s over and done
It is what it is, ain’t nothing new under the sun
But if you live in the past, it’ll always kick your ass
And you’ll treadmill: never move from where you’ve begun

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