They say the sword is weaker than the pen
It holds true when the Vatican can write sins
They even hold a seat in the UN
Makes me wonder what they’re really doin?
They say money equals power
Time equals money which comes by the hour
And power equals respect
So respect is only as good as your check
They say girls equal time
But time equals money and she ain’t gettin’ a dime
But if she’s real then its worth it
And if not, well, nobody’s perfect
And since nobody’s perfect, the money might not last
Time will pass and the power will turn to glass
Your world shatters, reality sets in
Its time to find a new life to invest in
They say money makes the world go ‘round
And money also tends to make girls go down
Pressured into degredation
They’re always late when they finally have the revelation
They said, “B, you’re too nice!
People walk all over you, you don’t even fight!”
I thought about it every night
Until I realized that what they said was right
I guess I have to fight
But fight the repression with all my might
Just ’cause I don’t fit the description
doesn’t mean that I should be treated differently
They say you gotta be cool
But I say study hard, get through school
They say you gotta be shallow
I say take your pride and swallow
They say you gotta be hard
I took it on the chin and they left me with scars
They say you gotta be a thug
Walk with an attitude, and you gotta do drugs
They say you gotta come from the ‘hood
Can’t be smart, be nice, be good
I say you just have to be real
Fight the powers of mass appeal
Andre and Big Boi, I’m an Outkast
Try to group me and I stand out fast
Tony Hawk ’cause I’m on my grind
I’m guessin’ it’s for me to speak my mind. One….

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