What is Change? Change is when something’s stuck on your brain
It may cause pain, may drive some insane
It may lead to fame, it may lead to dames
It may lead from the frying pan to the flames
Can it be contained when one can’t stop time?
Can it be tamed when it wants to run wild?
Can you guarantee that change can keep your head in the sky
and keep all your loved ones from crying?
Look in the mirror, into your own eyes
And gaze in the soul of who you once despised
Of the one you’ve berated time after time
Why? Why do you have that look in your eyes?
Why have you hindered your own growth?
Why have you turned yourself into a joke?
Why is it that every time you blink,
you see two faces, one lacking hope?
The other is just there, indifferent to the strife
He’s a waste of space, yet he holds the knife
He reigns supreme, controls your life
He keeps you from getting sleep at night
A cold glare and a heart to match
And… is that a smirk that has started to crack?
“Who are you?” you cry. “At once, state your name!”
He leans forward with a grin and says, “Hi, I am Change…”
What is Change? Change is a steady mentor
And yet he is a cold tormentor
He is always moving, always doing
With little thought as to what he’s pursuing
What is Change? To some, he’s a tyrant from Hell
To others he’s a hero, saving one from oneself
If you ever have doubts, you can always yell
And ask his twin, Time, for only Time will tell…

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