“I keep hearing voices, they keep me awake,” thinks Sophie as she lay in bed.
“They tell me I’m ugly, or stupid, or fat; but they won’t leave my head!”
She walks to the bathroom and washes her face,
She looks in the mirror and her heart speeds its pace.
Behind her stands the Virgin Mary
But with a scarred face, and a cold stare that’s scary
She looked pale and devoid of life
She had glowing red eyes, and her hand held a knife
“Bloody Mary!” cried Sophie; she stumbled and fell
“Please don’t hurt me! Please, let me go!”
“You will go, my sweet,” said the woman with a laugh.
“The place where I will send you, the flames will be your bath.
You’ve done much wrong; you’ve walked the wrong path!
You’ve done enough damage, now feel my wrath!”
Sophie tried to hit her, but her hand passed through
She could not harm this demon, what was she to do?
She curled in a ball, and thought, “Guess I’ll be dead.”
And then Mary was gone; it had been in her head!
She sighed very deeply, and returned to her room
It had been a delusion; she would not meet her doom
She crawled back into bed, and finally thought she would sleep
‘Til a voice from the closet rang, “Hello, my sweet…”

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