The scene is classic, the music is blasting
The party is nothing short of fantastic
Half because he’s not fully there
With a medley of aromas swirling through the air
Through the smoke and liquor and cologne he catches
The scent of a fox, a siren, if you will
He inhales the scent and it changes how he feels
Infatuation follows, or perhaps just lust
He now wishes only to feel her touch
He must, he must, he must, he must
And so he pursues, but not without watching
the rainbows of lust unfolding around him
The people have gotten friendly fast
The bottles open, people with glass after glass
But he keeps searching, and… yes, he’s found her
They talk for a bit and his aura surrounds her
She’s caught up as well, and they share a kiss
They’d both not expected something like this
They keep going further, full of bliss
She loves his smell, he loves her taste
Strawberries, everywhere, he’s addicted now
Everywhere his lips go, she wants him more now
Each passing moment, they’re elevated
Higher and higher
His hands have run wild, but she can’t complain
She entices again and again and again
And then… the feelings disappear
They lick their fingers and lips and leave
in search of a new playmate….
Ah, how the night is still young

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