Winter may be ‘round the corner, but through her I see
Eternal spring, beauty, harmony, among other things
Is she an undying diamond ring?
In the light she gleams and shines like “BLING”?
What is this feeling, this urge to smile?
I can’t feel sad, and I don’t know why?
What is this feeling? This newfound life?
This urge to continue when surrounded by strife?
Who is she? This one who holds
My heart, even though at times it seems cold
She keeps the flame burning, hotter and hotter
The intense burning, hotter and hotter
How does she do it? I cannot explain
How she has this effect again and again
She’s like a balm that can soothe my pain
Her presence alone shelters me from the rain
What is this power she holds over me?
No matter what happens, I feel I’m not free
Yet I don’t want to be, I’m full of bliss
If my life were a movie, I’ve lost the script
Words can’t truly describe
The feelings that can come from inside
Intoxicating, she makes me high
‘Til I’m singing R. Kelly, “I Believe I Can Fly”…

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