Dear Diary,
It is me, Sophie, once again,
As I continue to make daily strokes of my pen
I glance sideways at this…. strong, kind, sexy…
Let me stop, before it starts to vex me
Let me, consider the terrible truths
that I have learned, as the pain seeps through
I love him, I truly do
But we can never be together
The relationship would be full of stormy weather
I feel it would be too weak, my umbrella
To try to shield the pains of this ‘fella
As I watch him, I realize we’re from two different worlds
I’m too weird, I think, and I’m not his type of girl
He loves cheerleaders, I’m in drama
I look for the nice guys, he loves the hoochie-mamas
I don’t understand what he sees in them
But he’s glanced over me again and again
He’s never even once given me a chance
Oh, how I’d love to just be able to dance
with him; look at me, I’m such a fool
Dreaming about things that could never come true
And yet, as I watch him, I feel so right
As if I could be strong, as if i could fight
I feel like the whole world doesn’t exist
So the fact the he’s with these girls puts me through the abyss
I’m so sick, sick, sick, of all of this bullsh*t
I don’t want to preach in the pulpit
But I can’t stand seeing him continually blow me off
Yet I know that I’m the last girl he’d ever think of
As I watch him, I’m reminded of my faults
All the stupid things I’ve done to cause this love drought
It’s sad that he doesn’t like me, though
But I guess I’ll have to move on
Thanks for listening, diary
Your friend,

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