As my feelings of joy continue to burn
As I eagerly await my return
I ponder what I left behind
They’re all constantly on my mind
My mother, my sister, all of my grandmothers
My stepdad, uncles, aunts, even cousins
My friends all around, including the “Eagles” (insider)
And last, but not least, it’s hard to leave you…. (she knows who she is :P)
As I leave one home and return to my other
To a land full of the hopes and dreams of my forefathers
I wonder again about the past
Of the progress that was shattered like glass
Of the role in events that my family played
Of the true significance of my last name….
Why did leaders of old cause so much pain?
Why did so many people have to be slain?
As I let all of my troubles flow down the stream
As I prepare to enjoy my family
I remember that familiar saying
“This, too, is Liberia…”
As I prepare to enjoy my 13 days
As I prepare to enjoy the holidays
I begin to feel free like the country’s name
Free of lust, free of envy, free of hate, free of pain
I continue to forget my troubles
And prepare to walk the dirt roads and rubble
of my other home; but I still miss you guys
I’ll especially miss looking into her eyes
Still, I’ll hardly feel less than alive
For, “This, too, is Liberia…”

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