As I endure my trials and tribulations
alongside this developing nation
I can’t help but feel a connection
Something beyond a mere election
of a family friend to President
Where each day she sets new precedents
Envied by some but loved by many
She’s helped keep the country stable, made them ready
To continue moving forward in this world
She’s helped make a bright future for the boys and girls
As I leave the place that is also my home
Leave my high life of drivers, agents, and chrome
Of presidential convoys and dinners as well
Things were drastically different, as many can tell
Wherever I went, people said, “Welcome home”
I felt so much at ease, and was rarely alone
I will miss all of the bonds I’ve made
But I shall return, so I’ll count the days
until I can see everybody again
They are now my family, my cousins, my friends
“This, too, is Liberia”
As I return to being a regular kid
And very few learn of the things that I did
I will happily return to those I’ve missed
To embraces of handshakes, hugs, and kisses
But I’ll never forget the things discussed
Of money, power, the betrayals of trust
“This, too, is Liberia”
Grandpa’s left behind a lot for us
A great legacy; and we’re expected to follow his footsteps
But if I give my all for my home away from home
will I mirror him and work myself to death?
The life of great people in Liberia is full of stress
The uneducated feel THEY know best
The craziness no longer shocks me, but at times can leave one depressed
“This, too, is Liberia”
So many people don’t see that we want the best
for the country, so they try to halt progress
But in doing so they don’t see the effect
that it has on themselves, their families and the rest
The reasons why, one can only guess
I just tell myself this is part of His test
“This, too, is Liberia”
The Unity Party is part of the legacy
But does UP have to stand with Kesselly?
The ghosts of the fallen are upon us, my friend
Will we rise to the task? Will we fall, or ascend?
We, the children of LIB
are the future of our home, you see
But how can I return to help a home
that is unkown to me?
I’ve seen how people operate
Snakes in the grass, the strange plans they formulate
For a long time, simple-minded fools ran the government
So when real people now lead, people expect little from it
“This, too, is Liberia”
The country is the true legacy
But it is not simply left to me
It is left to my brethren, both kin and friends
The fate of our home will soon be in our hands
I urge you all, we must take a stand
The LD must surpass the Rand
Our home will once again be grand
“Long live Liberia, happy land
A home of wondrous liberty by God’s command!”
“This, too, is Liberia”

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