“Snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails
Those are the things that make up little males
Which is why they’re so hard to understand
Simple, yet complicated, is a man
Why can’t they show emotion?
Why must they fight at the slightest notion
that someone’s moving in on me?
Like I’m some trophy, a territory?
And they always play so many games!
Why do they feel the need to drive us insane?
And they never pay attention
They only care about one thing, sharpening the pencil”
“Sugar, spice, and everything nice
That’s what makes up a woman? Yea, right!
Don’t get me started on the things girls do
Leadin us on, playin us for fools
Playin the good guys, corrupting our values
And then getting mad when a guy goes bad, too
You make things so complex when they’re really simple
Get worked up over things like a pimple
They go ballistic, the cyclic mood swings
They go crazy, emotion like mood rings
They always read things too deep
‘Til it eats away at them and they can’t sleep
They can easily get away with creepin
But if we make mistakes, its ‘Oh, I’m leaving…’
Women always gotta be right
So its the one time a guy has to lose a fight…”
I guess what they were trying to say
is that guys and girls can’t fully understand, to this day
The things that drive each other
The things that attract them, make them into lovers
Its crazy to see that no matter what
No matter whether you have abs or butt
If you’re a guy you never win
If you’re a girl, you’re always too chagrin
Or always PMSing, and guys never care
So many things you can never share….
We can’t understand, and yet we keep trying
Keep saying we get it, to ourselves, we keep lying
‘Til judgement day, we’ll never understand
What makes women women and makes man man

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