It was the coldest winter he’d ever seen
Freezin’ his arse off waiting on a beam
Cheese, so he can buy some green to keep his throat warm
Fed up with adolescence, decided to smoke more
Everybody’s asking, “What do you smoke for?”
Apathetic answer, “Homie, I’m so bored!
If the scale’s up to 10, my life’s a negative
But I’ve survived so far, guess I’m a veteran
My heart’s sick and there’s no medicine
But Jeremiah told me there’s a balm in Gilead.”
He took a long draft, eyes spinning, now he’s feeling it
She still haunts him and the feeling’s killing him
He gets hyped, body’s pumping adrenaline
Used to hate the feeling but now he seems to relish it
A man walks up and they make the exchange
He says, “Thanks, man, almost ran out of haze.”
He buys, rolls, and blazes, mind’s in a daze
He’s trying to escape all the pain on his brain
But the wound still bleeds: all he sees is her face
Someone asks, “What happened? ‘Cause that’s a lotta haze!”
He replies, “Man, I need it; she’s the one that got away.
I tried so hard, doing better every day.
But I hurt her really bad and she said I’ve gotta pay.
I told her, ‘Baby, please listen!’
She said, ‘No way!
This ain’t BK, can’t have it your way!
Matter of fact, I don’t wanna see your face!
So like Luda said, “Move…get out the way”! ‘ “
He took another draft and looked down the lane
A nice BMW was coming up the way
He said, “Nice chat, but I really can’t stay.
Maybe we’ll have the chance to continue some day?”
He jumped in the road as the Beamer rolled past
It struck like lightning, shattering the glass
A girl was walking up when she saw the whole thing
Ran to the victim, “Damn it…its him…”
It was the girlfriend; she had come to make amends
But by then it was already too late to apologize….

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