With Pandora’s Box opened, our tragedy begins
I shall explain to you each of the deadly sins
I hope that you will take from this a lesson or two or three
And in return I ask that you just listen, please
When one is full of hatred and destroys all in one’s path
When one brings about ruin, one is guilty of Wrath
It is caused by fear, which leads to anger and hate
Which cause one to lose one’s temper and stomp on the world like grapes
It brings about a feeling of impending doom
It can change the atmosphere felt in a room
If one cannot overcome the greatness of the fear
Then one may cause another to shed both blood and tears
With people suffering worldwide, others have plenty to eat
I introduce to you today, the next sin, Gluttony
It works hand-in-hand with Greed, caused by lack of self-control
The lack of some to resist having “just one last bowl”
It may be “no big deal” to some, but some don’t have a bowl
Some resort to violence for food, condemning their mortal souls
If one cannot overcome the temptation’s strength
One may bring about another’s eventual death
Gluttony’s partner in crime, which served “Boss Tweed”
The next deadly sin refers to the one called Greed
It is caused by over-indulgence, wants outweighing needs
And works with Gluttony, keeping less-fortunate on their knees
The excess of wealth, whether hard-earned or stained
Whether or not it’s justified because one is ordained
People must determine when enough is enough
If not, the dough keeps stacking, having passed ridiculous
If one cannot overcome the temptation to keep reaching
Then one drives the blade deeper and the wound continues bleeding
Where Gluttony and Greed are but two of three
Lust makes up the third part of Sin’s Trinity
Working hand-in-hand with the other two
It is caused by temptation to continue to taste the fruit
Promiscuity and the outbreak of disease
The corruption of the great fruit so the flesh can be pleased
If one cannot overcome temptation in this form
Then disease will not be the only demon to be born
Laziness is tough to crack, but we must still try
For Sloth, the sixth deadly sin, so easily slides
It loyally serves Pride, and one refuses to act
One becomes unreliable, often breaking pacts
The lack of effort or time put into a task
The lack of trust available when one comes to ask
If one cannot overcome this sin before the end
Then one cannot be expected to keep many friends
Now please bear with me, everyone, I don’t mean to push religion
But this deadly sin is said to have caused the War of Heaven
Lucifer, the most beautiful Angel, wished to surpass the Most High
He led an insurrection, based solely upon Pride
He lost, and was banished from the Kingdom above the Skies
And is said to rule the place many fear going when we die
It is caused by one feeling superior to all
It works closely with Sloth but is the root of all
It connects to each sin in some way, shape, or form
It is, in a sense, the Perfect Storm
If one cannot be humble and overcome oneself
Overcoming the rest will not fully enrich one’s moral wealth
I thank you for your time, and hope that you have learned
That each and all of the Deadly Sins cause emotional burns
I know that we are not perfect and should stop trying to be
But if we constantly fight these sins, we’ll show more than chastity

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