Why do they look at me so?
The fire in their eyes, the anger, the pain….I can see it all.
It scares me, yet I want to help heal the soul, like a balm.
I want to be close to them, despite the past
But they keep pushing me away….
What can I do to soothe them?
I cannot turn back the hands of time,
but maybe with these hands of mine
Together, with them, we can conquer the Great Divide
But only if we break the chains of Black vs White…
Why do they look at me so?
Is it because I look different?
Fine. But I will NOT stop trying to help
I will fight for the life we all live
Under this sky we all share
With this heart that beats as one for many
Though we are of different creeds
Your hopes, your fears, your needs
They are my own
This division must be resown
Why do they look at me so…?
Is it because I’m of a different way of life?
Is it because I don’t understand their strife?
The struggle, the discrimination?
The mental slavery in a free nation?
I wish I could deliver emancipation
Elation, and end the days of segregation
We may ignore it, but it’s still blatantly there
The white elephant floating in midair
It’s in a fishbowl, and people continue to stare
I know the world is not fair
But still, I want to heal them, and not just Blacks
But everyone with this burden across their backs…
The cloak of acceptance only sharpens the pain
The pain I feel everyday, not being one of you
Though we are the same, flesh and bone
Blood and life and dreams and love all the way through
Why do they look at me this way?
Because I’m paler?
Because I’m different?
I’ll defend what I believe
I’ll defend my family
I’ll defend you, if need be
So whats so different about you and me?
If we stand together, we can’t go wrong
We’ll find peace, a place for those of strong hearts
A utopia, but one day becoming reality
An eventuality, one day a constancy through unity
From unity to harmony, symmetry through the heart
A union meant to be
Could it be destiny
That our hearts beat in unity
Our hands in unity working towards impunity
We are one world, under one sky

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