What is pain?
A teacher, a mentor?
A paradoxical pleasure?
Or is it a tormentor?
Constantly changing shape and form
A changeling, an assassin, it strikes from afar
Whether physical or mental, it leaves you scarred
Pain is a product of the deadly sins
Pain can be controlled or inflicted on a whim
But why? Why is it always so bad?
Why must it strike, leaving people sad?
Mad, it can at times leave people insane
The torture feels like you’ve been engulfed in flames
Why? Why must we feel pain?
Pain is a teacher, with lessons for all
Pain is a preacher that can leave you appalled
But does pain always need to get one involved
in the struggles of life where they can’t evolve?
Pain is a chisel, it can make you stronger
But it loves to play until you can’t take it any longer

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