I want to be free like the spirits of Biko and King
‘Till I collapse I’ll keep singing let freedom ring
Grown from a mischievous, knuckleheaded kid
To a chivalrous inquirer, I wonder what it is
That keeps my mind running, my thoughts racing
I’m not an alcoholic but I’m still chasing
Pacing, my life’s composed of different little phases
I just hope to keep it in check and not get erased….
Stop. Don’t even think about the last phrase
That’s not me now, it’s just an old face
An old place, somewhere I’ve left a long time ago
Lost in translation through all the rhymes I wrote
Infected with love, and blessed with pain
Baptism by fire, a rebirth by flames
I hang, in the crossroads of destiny
Almost eighteen, the world’s getting the best of me
Can it be, that I’m letting it get to me?
Stressin’ me, taking away once loved ecstasy
Testing me, making me question my destiny
Lecturing, sermonizing the stresses of living, see
If I’ve learned one thing, it’s take everything slow
Don’t rush in too much, because you never know
What life’s got in store, what lies behind each door
But still, like Dodge, you’ve got to grab life by the horns
Sore, the pain, but still we must endure
Sure, I guess we’ll still have to take more
I wonder what life’s got in store
Death has a rather strong allure
But alas, I’m not Hamlet, I still wish to live
‘Cause after all, I’ve still got much love to give

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