I feel like I’ve lost an already distant part of me
Gone, is the brother who was already far from me
Far, like a continent, felt like he left the country
It’s even harder now knowing I’ll never be in your company
I’ve done a bad job of keepin your dream alive
But now my biggest dream is simply to survive
No doctor can cure my malady, so don’t prescribe
My thoughts: Why? What is he doing in the sky?
If I could spread my wings, if only I could fly
Would I be able to get as high as he is?
Could I see him?
Would he still tell his jokes, asking me to search for beats, and
Could I say goodbye before returning to my feet?
How can I eat, how can I sleep knowing what happened?
The sadness, only subdued by the fact that
You weren’t clapped at, but that doesn’t change the madness
Is the Heartbreak Hotel my new address?
If I ruled the world, how many black diamonds and pearls
Would equate to sayin’ goodbye before you left this world
I’m not trying to blaspheme, just asking, would that be
Too much to ask for? Did you have to leave?
Everybody’s a mess, bro; we all feel the pain
No umbrellas, getting soaked in the rain
The Bean-town two, DJ and B-Baz
All of the hit singles we could have amassed
I’m not alone, but I’m still missin you, dude
And I know there’re plenty others that are miserable too
R.I.P. DJ. God rest your soul.

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