What would it be like to discard your heart?
To cast if off into the abyss, into the dark?
As I embark upon a journey of the heart
I find myself stumbling over where to start
If you fill your heart with darkness
Then you become the darkness, Morning Star’s pawn
The dark will consume you, your existence will be gone
How do you resist the urge to become dark
When it would be easier to surrender your heart?
This infection called love was a nuisance, at best
And the kind-hearted feelings were simply a jest
A test, to see if you were truly weak
You fell for it 500 feet deep
You’ve become a mockery, but now you’re offered redemption
A quick, easy path to greatness, pay attention
Do whatever it takes to be the best
Stay on top, eliminate the rest
The weak won’t last, survival of the fittest
Move – don’t think – surrender to the darkness
Acquire the power that is the Heartless
Forget about love, it’s pointless
As is this friendship, it’s rather annoying
The world is boring, shall I add unrest
With this newfound power, the Heartless?
All contain light and dark, that much is fact
But if one is taken away, its influence is lax
You’ve given up your loved ones and started to face facts
The power of the Heartless is taxing
Your humanity will be lost, be prepared
Your actions will leave women and children scared
You shall pillage and lay waste to the earth
For the Heartless have been killing since birth
Do you still desire power?
Is it still your dream to become stronger by the hour?
Then step right up, and prepare to be devoured
By the darkness, become the Heartless on this hour!

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