He said he was goin’ to the club
She said he wasn’t leaving if he’s chillin’ with “them thugs”
“Nah, babe, these people different…”
“Yea, right!”
“Why you trippin?”
“Because I know how y’all get when you be sippin’…
Don’t get it twisted, but none of Y’ALL different,
And if you say you don’t eye them girls, you must be kiddin’!”
“Baby, please stop the b****in’…”
“Oh, you callin’ me b**** now? When I’m the one who’s been caring for your kids? How
dare you! Running around with all these tricks while I’ve been playin’ Twixx gettin’ caught up in the mix?
Treatin me just like a sloppy second…”
“Hold up, baby girl, I think we need to talk a second…”
Well, go ahead, ‘Supafly’, I’m listenin’…”
“I think you need to chill with the prescriptions.
You’re makin’ these convictions when they’re nothin’ but fiction
I think you need to listen, please, come with me to the kitchen.”
“Don’t even try to play it off, I know that you been trickin’
I heard about you and my girl Andrea’s sister
About the way you flirted and laughed when you were with her
I even heard about the way you kissed her…”
“…I think we’ve got some things to discuss
But, baby, please stop yellin’ or the kids will wake up…”
“How many times did you ignore me when I did my hair and make-up?
Goin’ out before we could even make…make…”
“…Baby it’s not what you think…”
Well if we ain’t close anymore how could you know what I think?
How would you know what I feel, how would you know when I cry?
How many times I wished that I could go to God, to die?”
“Baby…please, just listen to me…”
“Listen to bull? Take a look at my position, don’t you see?
Your little ‘game’ has been tearin’ apart the family
What was once a joy has now become calamity
I’m so lost….please, baby, some clarity….
Please, baby, all I ask is for clarity….”
He stayed silent, he had no answer
He knew his next words could cause a new type of cancer
He hesitated; his face started sweatin’
He grasped at the air for the words that had left him
And then, as if by divine intervention
He left the kitchen and went up to the bedroom
He returned after ten minutes
With a bag of clothes, toiletries, and she witnessed
Him opening the door and walking out of her life
And that was just the first time….

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