Since Abraham fathered Isaac and Ishmael
Since the times that pre-date Israel
Hagar’s tears outlined our strife
We’ve witnessed slaves and war and Christ
Muhammad preached and gave us life
We became a community, earned our stripes
The Warriors, to protect those “of the Book”
Our brethren with similar outlooks
We’ve gained power through the ages, the knowledge of sages
And have lasted for countless generations
And yet, we’ve been separated
Our brethren or fellow believers, segregation
America, who has been a troublesome nation
Has recently become a new hope, a new painting
A new face, a new place for new dreams
The long arm has reached out, hopefully we can achieve
A unity, and stop the disparaging conflict
Defeat the terrorists, you’re dirtying our name, STOP IT!

Crusading; bombs cascading
God versus God
No relating, no compensating
Just more broken hearts
And death in the creating.
Heaven itself is escalating
The Koran calls for holy war
The Torah killing like never before
We don’t own the land, it owns us
Our religion doesn’t give us the planet

Soon we will be products of this demise
We are people in masks of religious disguise
Jews, Catholic, Muslim
We should all be brothers in each other’s eyes
Killing off another is genocide
You can’t have true religious pride
Without treating others
As you wish to be treated.

An epic war, titanic forces
A war of perspectives
A dispute of right and wrong
Lasting far too long

Fighting for a perspective
Neighbors holding beliefs that clash
Holding beliefs that parallel
Believing in an absolute of good and evil

Each side fighting for good
Each side against evil
Good and evil, simply perceptive
Each right, in their own perspective

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