* Don’t know which beat to use yet for it, but here goes
Note: This is strictly lyrical, I DO NOT use drugs, nor do I plan to engage in drug related activity

Bored all the time, need to get my mind blown
Blaze ‘til my mind’s in a different time zone
Stay around that Christmas tree like pine cones
With a twinkle in my eye that shines like rhinestones

Delusions of platinum grills and diamonds
Distractions from the pain that I find my mind on
Look outside, chill down my spine bones
The sh!t that I witness has got my mind throwed

Take another draft and I’m in a cyclone
Psychedelic trip through my mind’s iHome
‘Til my mind’s fried like eggs on a high stove
And my thoughts stay high like the f—in’ SkyDome

Day ‘N Nite, I toss and turn, I scrutinize the sky
Forever pondering if I’ll make it to 25
Fishbowl, upon us fall all eyes
A struggle in this economic jungle to survive

Though I walk the straight and narrow path my whole life
I’m dead if I’m a n!gg@ that the cops don’t like
All they have to do is flash the badge like strobe lights
And pop off, I’m gone on another cold night

Just another soul, right? Wasn’t even bold, right?
Popped at the intersection waitin’ for the “go” light
That’s the way it goes, right? It’s under control, right?
Just the thoughts of a scholar who’s fighting the old fight….

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