Let’s peruse the eccentrics of cruel,
I hear success has a very chilling allure.
After all, nobody wants to be poor,
But in order to attain, you’ve gotta break a few rules:
Abandon the family, leave all your friends,
Journey through the darkness, the world won’t end.
Who really gives a damn about sin?
Every time you get forgiven you just do it again.
Go ahead, don’t be concerned with them,
Because once you get the money, they’ll come running again.
Everyone will run to you, and you can say ‘F them’
Maybe pay a couple ‘cause they gave a good effort….
Sike, they all know they’re gettin’ nothin’
So when you’re not smilin’, they know you’re not bluffin’….
Cool, so tell them stop the waterworks in public
‘Cause when it comes down to it, you really owe them nothin’…”
Tell me, who the hell are you?
“They call me Greed, homie, and I’m here to scar you
I am a reason you continue to sin
But, because of me, you’re destined to win…”
“Win? What should I gain?”

“Kid, with me you’re gonna gain women and fame.
For all the glory and power you’ll lose your shame.
Everyone around will know your starstruck name.”

“And a family? The ones I’ll love?”

“You’ll be "loved” alright but not that way
For money and power, corruptly you’ll shove
And soon you’ll push them all away
But you don’t need them
They’re leeches and want you to fail
But I only want you to trust us unlike them
Now, child why you lookin’ so pale?“

"You say I’ll be victorious
But winning with sin is not glorious
Eventually corruption will destroy us
But now you’re telling me to "trust us?”“

“Yes, you should trust us, we will take you far
You won’t be Polaris, but you’ll surely be a star
Money is power, and you’ll have money galore
Commanding respect as soon as you walk through the door
Your name will be forever etched in the hearts and minds
Of the businessmen and historians documenting the times
So what you need to do is just hurry back to the grind
And be careful, if you don’t follow directions, you’ll hit a mine”
"Your offer is intriguing, I really must admit
Glory, power, money, women
I could have all of them
My heart says "don’t go,” but I feel I must submit"
Yes, give in, you know you’ll love the feeling of respect
and people can’t stop you because you’ve got a better check
Eat, sleep, pray, and walk with dead presidents
You’ll be the new boss on the block, setting new precedents
The best house, too; most envied resident
Groupies with benefits; moving like a veteran

“All of the wealth and none of the work
Oh the things I shall gain
With all those gone, give em a plastic fork
While I eat with a silver spoon on my new airplane”

But at the same time, I must start to wonder
As my paper thickens day by day
Do my loved ones start seeing me go under
Or will they stand by me anyway?

“You must not think that way
For it will only bring you pain.”
I thought it paid off to be rich?
I want to make it rain!

“Well, yes, it does pay to be wealthy
Tenfold joy and happiness
But will you be emotionally healthy?
That is the price of avarice.”

“Is all the money in the world worth the loss?
It’s beginning to seem to me
That love with mediocrity
Is worth more than fortune and the cost”

“Our deal is done, you’ve had your fun
But I must thank you for showing me the light
Through greed we’ll lose our sight
Now to my loved ones, I hope they haven’t gone”

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