“From the depths of the heart, ‘til death do us part,
I walk, I quest, getting played like a harp.
Battle scars, I’ve been taken apart,
And the light’s begun to fade, I don’t know where to start.”
He aims, but still he misses, he’s keepin’ a steady vision.
The birds and the bees peck and sting ’til he’s smitten.
Rewards for his persistence? Tell me, what is he getting?
The world on a platter or salad lacking the dressing?
He wonders time and again why the Lord needs to test him
Constantly reminding him to always count his blessings
Reminding him all the time of his growing pains and stresses
Of his struggles and victories, clean fights and the messes
He once had a girl who made him want to be President
So he changed himself, and started setting precedents
He found their hearts intertwined, cardial resonance
She held the key to his heart, that much was evident


simplistic in thought but in action so deep
in your hand their heart you keep
a flame so cold giving light so glum
it only lights this world in the eternaly flickering luminosity of mans deepest curiousity
and yet this flame so true and pure is but a distant star in the void of reality
when everyone has the same f***ked up mentality
you give your all till not an ounce is left but y?
you expect that one to catch you before you slip into your own personal insanity,
but who’s there?
you look for an absentee saviour who will never come as you struggle to escape the pain
to give your heart is to kill your heart
so how can it be love if we kill from the start?

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